BUZZFEED FEATURE: 5 Tips To Excel As A Journalist

BUZZFEED FEATURE: 5 Tips To Excel As A Journalist

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My Top 5 Tips to Excel as a Journalist

1.) Being first is not as important as being correct. Social media has made reporters more competitive. Not only does it lead to spelling and grammar errors, but sometimes it leads to incorrect information and not enough sourcing. Don’t jeopardize your reputation to send the first tweet. Screen grabs will haunt you.

2.) Screen grabs will haunt you! There used to be so much mystery surrounding journalism and sources and secret meetings. Social media and technology have made our lives easier… and harder. But now it is safer to assume that everything you put in writing could be saved and shared. Be cautious in exchanging sensitive information or opinion over text message or private social media messages.

3.) Be kind everywhere you go. As a fan of some of the personalities that I inevitably was able to work with, I’ve seen good and bad behavior in the field. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing someone you idolized being disrespectful or hateful when the cameras are off. Nancy Grace, who is notoriously tough, was one of the kindest and most uplifting characters I met off camera. She encouraged me and went out of her way to help me pursue my dreams. I will never forget the way she made me feel and I hope to make other young women feel the same way.

4.) Stay above the fray. Newsrooms can be toxic and gossipy. Try to avoid participating in this behavior at all cost. Gossip can be fun and it can make you feel like you’re being included but people will respect you more if you reject that behavior and information.

5.) Know deep down that your hard work will be rewarded. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but if you continue to work hard and push forward, you will open doors for yourself and you will create new opportunities. And don’t forget to treat people the way you want to be treated. ❤