Meet Edie

Meet Edie

What is your name and what does it mean? 

My name is Edie but I also answer to Queenie and EDIEGIRL. I was named after Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s muse, because I’m not only the prettiest blonde but I aMUSE my Mom.

What kind of dog are you?

My Mom was told that I am a Maltese yorkie mix, morkie, but we think I might be a yorkie-poo. Either way, Mom says I’m the prettiest girl she’s ever seen. Emoji hair flip.

What is your favorite activity? 

I love destroying shoes. From Uggs to flip flops, I’m going to tear them up and you’re going to have to buy another pair and I’m going to tear those up too. I like keeping you on your toes. Literally. Because you can’t find your shoe.

Do you like to go to bed early or sleep in late? 

All of the above.

Who is your celebrity doppelgänger? 

Carrie Underwood

If one song played every time you walked in to a room, what would it be? 

Lucky Star – Madonna

What is your favorite toy? 

Your shoes. Otherwise, anything that squeaks so I can disembowel it.

Who is your Mom’s favorite?