Meet Bigly

Meet Bigly

What is your name and what does it mean? 

My name is Bigly and at 5lbs, I imagine it means that my Mom has a pretty good sense of humor. Sometimes she calls me Bigly Bear. That’s when I know I have been a good boy.

What kind of dog are you?

I am a skinny little Maltese yorkie mix aka a morkie. Mom says I look like my older brother, Styles, who is in Heaven now.

What is your favorite activity? 

My favorite activity is Dateline nap time. We put on Lester Holt and it’s cuddle city. I also like licking nose holes and going to Grandma’s house.

Do you like to go to bed early or sleep in late? 


Who is your celebrity doppelgänger? 

Zack Morris freshman year of Saved by the Bell

If one song played every time you walked in to a room, what would it be? 

Party All the Time – Eddie Murphy

What is your favorite toy? 

Benebones are my favorite.

Who is your Mom’s favorite?