The Things We Do for Love: "I Incorporated My Dog Into My Job"

The Things We Do for Love: "I Incorporated My Dog Into My Job"

The Things We Do for Love: “I Incorporated My Dog Into My Job”

Caroline Golon, the human behind popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, shares stories of pet owners who have gone the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.
Kinsey Schofield of Los Angeles interviews celebrities for a living. From Hollywood A-listers to teenage TV stars, the people she interviews are often surprised to see Schofield’s Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie mix), Styles, by her side. “I refuse to leave my dog at home alone,” Schofield says, “so I’ve made him a part of my shtick!”

Schofield says incorporating Styles into her daily work isn’t usually difficult. She takes him to movie premieres, sit-down interviews, TV sets and business meetings, where she brings out Styles as if he’s simply part of the team. “Most of the time people don’t say anything,” Schofield says.

No Dogs Allowed
There are some places, however, that aren’t so happy to have Styles around. In fact, Schofield was once kicked off a major movie studio’s lot because of her dog. “I didn’t realize they don’t allow dogs,” she explains. Schofield says she and Styles tried to get into the studio at two different entrances for a meeting. They were rejected by security both times, so Schofield reluctantly took her pup home before returning for her appointment.

Conversation Starter
During the red carpet events Schofield works, there’s a lot of competition to get the top celebrities’ attention, but Schofield says Styles helps her snag the good interviews. “He’s a great little asset on the red carpet,” she says. “They come over to meet my dog!”

Schofield adds that the dog angle always gives her a unique celebrity quote or sound bite that the other media outlets don’t get. “Having him with me always opens up the conversation,” Schofield says. The celebrities often want to talk about their own pets, she says, and sometimes ask to hold Styles during the interview. “He’s met more celebrities than the average person!” Schofield says.